Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogtoberfest: Day Four

For today's post I think i'll keep it simple, so here's what i'm up to right now:

Loving: My newly painted room. It's a bright blue colour that will soon be joined by a pink on another wall. 

Not Loving : Uni assignments, the fact that Glee won't be on for two weeks because of the stupid Commonwealth Games (not fair!) Also, the fact that blogger keeps putting triple line spacing in all my posts which is driving me insane!

Doing: Working on Stuff zine.

Watching: The Delicious Miss Dahl, Parenthood, Fashion Police, Buffy (season 1: with some awesome late 90's fashion!)
How short are these skirts?! Gotta love the 90's!
Reading: The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do, Paradise Lost by John Milton, Yen, Harper's Bazaar and Delicious.

Eating: Swedish Daim chocolates. Little rectangles of crunchy caramel coated in milk chocolate- totally tasty and totally addictive. You get about a zillion of them in a bag for only $8. With thanks to the IKEA Swedish food section!
The totally rad Sia
Listening: Sia You've Changed, Lady Gaga Telephone and Just Dance, Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Madonna Vogue, Ke$ha Your Love Is My Drug, the Dickies Banana Splits (from the awesome Kick-Ass soundtrack), Professor Green/Lily Allen Just Be Good to Green. (And yes, I did actually list a song by Ke$ha, but there's no need to make fun!)
The totally avant-garde genius of Gaga. Love it!


  1. Fellow blogtoberfest participant here and a first timer to your blog. Am hoping to get around to all the blogs this month. would love you to visit mine


  2. oh yeah I know what you mean about missing glee I feel the same way for offspring!...anyway it was lovely to come and see your blog! happy blogtoberfest and all the best with it!

  3. I'm missing all the usual shows, but I don't mind watching some of the Commonwealth Games.

    Your reading list sounds like a great mix.