Saturday, November 6, 2010

TV Stuff: Why I'm Lovin' Luther

Long time, no blogging! Unfortunately some evil uni assignments have been sucking up most of my time lately, as they will over summer (*sob*) and as a result my little blog has been sadly neglected. Hopefully I will be able to post a bit more regularly from now on when I have something at least vaguely interesting to go on about! Which brings me to my new favourite TV show which I just had to share with everyone due to its total awesomeness.

Luther is a new BBC series which started airing a few weeks ago on the ABC and it's definitely worth a look in. It stars Idris Elba (you might have seen him on US TV show The Wire) as the brilliant and somewhat tormented DCI John Luther. I know, I know- he may sound like he's the stereotypical tortured-detective-type but Luther is actually an immensely likeable and relatable character. The show starts after Luther returns to his job after a leave of absence due to the psychological fallout that resulted from a serial child murder case. Adding to the mix is Alice Morgan (a wonderfully cunning Ruth Wilson) a sociopathic genius who gets away with murdering her parents. Alice develops a fixation on Luther and the interplay between the two in each episode is great to watch. Alice is an awesome character (despite her being a bit of a nutbag) because you're never sure what she'll do next, so I really hope she'll be around for the rest of the season and the two movie-length season two episodes. Both Elba and Wilson play their parts magnificently and they have fantastic chemistry together, which would be a shame to lose.
Idris Elba as John Luther and Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan
While the show might seem like yet another crime drama, the superb acting and the excellent script writing make Luther a definite standout in a sea of boring by-the-numbers cop shows. The writing deftly weaves Luther's private life in with the cases he's working on without resorting to the melodrama that so many other programmes do. Luther is a fascinating character, which combined with the intriguing murder cases, makes for some superior and entertaining Friday night viewing.

Check out Luther at 8.30pm Fridays on the ABC (It makes the perfect antidote for if you've been forced to sit through Better Homes and Gardens). 

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